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Three Phase Heavy Duty Dent Puller


Dent puller with 3800 A output current, ideal for all steel straightening
And dent pulling jobs, Simple to use thanks to its automatic gun and
Its user friendly control panel

Only 2 parameters to select, the output power level (amongst 11
Levels), the tool which is used (amongst 7 tools)
No need to select the welding current and welding time anymore
Automatic triggering, the welding is triggered automatically by a
Simple contact between the tool and the part to straighten
Earth cable 70 mm ² (2 m long cable)

Multi – function gun (2 m, 70 mm ² cable with connector), Inertia
Hammer, Dent pulling with stars, Welding of studs, rivets and rings,
Contact shrinking, graphite pen, 4 m long mains supply cable and an
Accessories box with consumables

Voltage: 220V

Warranty period:12 months


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