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  • The device generates ozone gas by converting oxygen to ozone
    Ozone gas always works by oxidizing the outer protein coat of viruses, as well as sterilizing
    And disinfection of closed places, so the effectiveness of the device is excellent in eliminating viruses
    Pollutants and odors in general and what makes Texa different from competitors is The device is entirely Italian industry
  • It is equipped with three sensors to measure the percentage of ozone, temperature and humidity  The ozone generation unit is made of ceramic, not glass An application for Android and Apple systems is available to control the device and follow up proceduresYou can save the results data and also send a report to the car owner by email or WhatsApp Father
  • It works in three stages, the first stage is where the ozone is produced, the second stage is in it
    Maintaining a certain percentage of ozone gas in the surrounding environment for a specific period of time
    To eliminate all pollutants, the third stage is the return of ozone gas to oxygen
    So that the middle is suitable for breathing and does not affect health
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Warranty period: 12 months


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