Air conditioning charging machine 720R


  • A database that includes all types of private cars, microbuses and transport
  • freon works One is either R 134a or the new freon R 1234 yf
  • the machine can be converted from one gas to another
  • By being supplied at an additional price
  • an inner tank of Freon with a capacity of 12 kg
  • reveals the presence of anyFreon circuit leaking without locating it – the two-stage intake pump – gives an alert at
    It needs maintenance automatically
  • equipped to add dye to find out the location of the leak, and it is also equipped
    To add a FLUSHING KIT to clean the air
  • conditioning circuit with Freon, it can print reports –
    LCD screen – rotating meters
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Warranty period: 12 months
  • The KONFORT 720R is designed to service all car, commercial, HGV and tractor air conditioning systems. Despite its highly competitive purchase price, the 720R delivers all the advanced technology and stylish design of the KONFORT range.
  • The KONFORT 720R is equipped with automatic refrigerant recovery and recycling and oil drainage functions. Quantities of oil and UV tracer are controlled by an automatic valve system. The operator therefore only has a few simple tasks to carry out
  • The 720R can be purchased configured either for the old R134a refrigerant or the new R1234yf refrigerant. A retrofit kit is also available to change refrigerant type.


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